10 Best Marketing Resource Management Software in 2022

The Best Marketing Resource Management Software List
Here’s a list with the top marketing resource management software in 2022.
monday.com Best For Beginners

Mavenlink by Kantata The best resource management software to scale organizations

Screendragon Best Marketing Proofing and Approval System

Bynder Best is a creative workflow expert

Wrike Best collaborative resource management software

Kintone Best is a company that builds custom marketing apps

Miro Best for marketing and communications meetings

SAS Best for complete planning

MARMIND Best for marketing budget planning

Shopperations Best for brand and retail marketers

Below is a comparison of the top marketing resource management softwares for 2022.
I hope you find the best marketing resource management software for you, your team and your budget with this information.
There’s more than just a list of the top software solutions. The overview also includes screenshots and use cases.
I also answer the most common questions regarding MRM software. This information will allow you to make an informed decision and ensure that you select the best software.
Comparison Criteria for Marketing Resource Management Software
What should I look for in a marketing resource management software selection? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI), Is it appealing? Is it easy for users to navigate from one section to another and from task to task?
Usability: Is it simple to learn? Is it easy to teach new members of your marketing team and departments how to use it? Is it able to track and manage your digital marketing campaigns and marketing activities?
Integrations: Do you have any pre-built integrations with software that you already use, such as marketing project management software? Do you have access to templates?
Value for $: What are you getting in return for your investment? Is the pricing structure clear?
Marketing Resource Management Software Key Features
Apps and Integrations: You can tailor your marketing resource management software to suit your needs by using the right apps and interfaces. Popular integrations include those for project manager software (Asana, Trello), calendars(Google Calendar) and productivity apps (Slack).
Visualization: This is a way to visualize the workload of your marketing team and help you plan more efficiently, track progress, and much more. You can track the progress of each member of your team at each stage.
Forecasting: Resource forecasting can save you time, money, and eliminate the stress of not knowing what’s coming next.
Reporting: No matter if you are sharing reports with your team members, supervisors, or other stakeholders, consistent and clear reporting can be a great help. Reports can include budget data, such as the budget disbursed and remaining budget, as also information about personnel associated with each project.
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Overview of the 10 Best Marketing Resource Management Software
Here’s a quick description of each marketing resource management software I have on my list. It shows what it does best and includes screenshots of its top features.
1 monday.com
Ideal for beginners
Monday is both for expert-level and beginner-level resource management. You can streamline resource management by using the class-leading user interface. This includes location, manager, timeframe, status and manager. A simple comment management system is available for in-app communication.
Mondays start at $8/user/month. The free trial is for 14 days. You can get a free plan for as many as 2 users.
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10 Best Marketing Resource Management Software in 2022
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