10 Best Tips for Working Remotely

It’s now easier than ever to work remotely in today’s tech-savvy society. There are many benefits to working with your bunny slippers. You can save gas money, have your own schedule and are not tied to a cubicle. Remote work comes with its own set of challenges. Here are 10 ways you can increase your productivity even if you’re still wearing your pajamas.
1) Know yourself
Working remotely allows you to use your own rhythm and create a work environment that suits your needs. Are you more of an early riser? Take on the most challenging or creative jobs you can with the rising sun. Are you able to get up at the same time as everyone else? Enjoy the peaceful night, and then get to work according to the rhythm of the moonlight and crickets. Find your best schedule and enjoy the flexibility that remote work can offer!
2) Design your own space
Remote working means you don’t have to be physically present in a specific location. This is one of many benefits of working remotely. You can fully utilize this perk and find the right place to be most productive. I use different rooms in my house for different tasks. If I have more mindless work to do, I will turn on a relaxing movie as background noise, make some tea, and then relax in the living room. I can do low-key research, or do mindless busywork. If I need to do more critical thinking and focused research, I will go into my bedroom, turn on classical music, then crank out my project.
Remote work allows you to find the right balance between comfort and creativity. If you prefer to work at a Starbucks, you can cater to your mocha mojo. You can also visit your local library to find a quieter space to meet clients. You work best when your toes are buried in the sand of a tropical beach. Grab your sunscreen and pack your bags. You have the power and ability to find the space that makes you feel most productive.
Your taxes can be reduced by having your own office space in your home. Personal business expenses are not only tax-deductible, but you can also claim indirect deductions such as portions of your electric bill, your insurance, or your mortgage.
3) Don’t forget the phone!
Remote workers do not have to be far away. Remote workers often rely too heavily on written communication to communicate with their team. This is a common mistake. Although instant messages and e-mail are great for communicating with your team, they can be difficult to convey complex concepts or intense feelings. Don’t forget to schedule face-to-face meetings or conference calls if there is any confusion or a project you need to explain in greater detail. It is possible to resolve many of the issues and save time and frustration by allowing all communication channels to work in your favor, even those that are not verbal.
4) You can set your own hours and make a work schedule
While you don’t have to work the 9-5, it is not necessary to. However, you should set aside time for your work. Flexibility is great but it can also lead you to procrastination. You are the only one who keeps track of your hours. This means that the only accountability that you have is the one you set up.
You can combat the procrastination tendency by keeping a list of things you need to do each day, setting aside time for them, and protecting that time. It’s like having a conversation with yourself. Set up your schedule to maximize brain power. Do you prefer to work in short burts? You can then plan your day around specific time blocks. You can work for several hours and then reward yourself by getting a massage or a workout. Do you like to have your evenings free so you can get everything done in one go? Plan your schedule.

10 Best Tips for Working Remotely
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