2015 Wrap-Up: Top 10 AWS Products of the Year

10. Microsoft Claims Edge in Hybrid Is More Powerful Than AWS, Claims Microsoft (Sept. 21).
Microsoft doesn’t disclose revenue numbers for Azure cloud services, but an executive claimed that it has an edge over Amazon Web Services in other metrics, specifically in terms of size and the number of countries in which they operate. [Read here]
9. AWS Fights Against Cloud Competitors (April 14, 2017)
Amazon Web Services, the original cloud computing platform, was launched nine years ago. It is now fighting for its supremacy with new products and service offerings, price reductions and constant innovation. [Read here]
8. Netflix Replaces Open Source Cloud Deployment Software Built for AWS (Nov. 17).
Netflix Inc. announced that its own Continuous Delivery platform, Spinnaker, is now available on the open source code repository GitHub. [Read here]
7. Cloud Buzz vs. Cloud Reality (Aug.
Cloud computing is now as mainstream as any technology can get. But Aaron wonders if that is because marketers have dumbed down the concept of “the clouds.” [Read here]
6. ‘Configuration Error’ Blamed for AWS Outage (Aug. 12)
According to the company’s Service Health Dashboard, this week’s Amazon Web Services outage was caused by a “configuration error”. [Read here]
5. Amazon Announces AWS Cloud Earnings For the First Time (April 23).
Amazon.com Inc. announced its first quarter earnings report on Thursday. It revealed the first revenue figures from its cloud business. [Read here]
4. AWS Outage Hits Major Web Sites (Sept. 21).
Twitter and other social media sites were buzzing yesterday about an Amazon Web Services outage that occurred in the eastern U.S. region. It reportedly caused problems for several major Web sites. [Read here]
3. Visual Studio Bug (Sept. 8), $6,500 AWS Bill for Developer
It’s all over now. However, a developer was shocked to receive a $6,500 bill by Amazon Web Services last week after being victimized in bitcoin mining. They used an Amazon access code they mistakenly stored in a public GitHub repository. [Read here]
2. Open Source Walmart Tool Threatens AWS Cloud Lock-In (Oct. 19)
Walmart offers a cloud development tool that aims to eliminate provider lock-in by major cloud players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. [Read here]
1. Microsoft Targets AWS Redshift With New Azure SQL Data Warehouse (April 30, 2010)
Microsoft made it clear who it was targeting with the new Azure SQL Data Warehouse in yesterday’s keynote address at the Build developer conference. [Read here]

2015 Wrap-Up: Top 10 AWS Products of the Year
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