2016 Wrap-Up: Top AWS Columns of the Year

5. Preparing the AWS Command Line to a Windows Environment
There are many ways to install and prepare AWS CLI. Here’s how you can deploy it for Windows. [Read here]
4. Load Balancing a Website Application in Amazon EC2
Amazon’s flagship cloud service is known for its core functions, which include load balancing and workload scaling. Brien guides you through the process for configuring and creating a load balancer in AWS. [Read here]
3. Active Directory Extension to the AWS Cloud
The AD Connector option and gateway VPN connection are required to make on-premises Active Directory accessible to AWS cloud resources. [Read here]
2. AWS: Creating and Logging in to a Windows VM
Don’t be deceived. Although it may sound simple, the process of deploying Amazon EC2 virtual machines can be confusing if you are coming from a native Windows Server environment. [Read here]
1. AWS Cloud-Based Active Directory
Instead of manually setting up an Active Directory environment, AWS offers an automated setup process. [Read here]

2016 Wrap-Up: Top AWS Columns of the Year
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