2017 Wrap-Up: Top AWS News of the year

10. Uber Announces Year-Old AWS Data Breach, Exposing Millions (Nov. 21).
Uber, the ride-sharing app, disclosed Tuesday that its AWS account had been hacked last year. This breached personal information of 57,000,000 users worldwide, including 600,000. drivers in the United States. [Read here]
9. AWS Blames Unplanned System Starts for S3 Outage (March 2)
The company stated that the week-long, hours-long AWS outage was caused in part by an incorrectly typed command. This caused inadvertent restarts to key Amazon S3 subsystems. [Read here]
8. Survey: Azure Beats AWS in Larger Enterprises (April 4)
Cloud computing surveys are constantly being published with different data points. But one thing is becoming more clear. [Read here]
7. Report: Oracle Doubles the Cost to License Its Software for AWS (Jan. 31).
The next battle in Oracle’s ongoing war against AWS seems to be licensing. [Read here]
6. Confluent Cloud Bringing Apache Kafka as-a-Service to AWS (May 8)
Confluent Inc. will be bringing its open-source-based streaming data platform to AWS. [Read here]
5. Firm Tackles AWS Lambda Security (April 17, 2017)
Serverless computing is hot in the cloud. However, it requires a new approach to security, according to Observable Networks Inc, a cloud native security specialist. [Read more]
4. AWS Fights DDoS Attacks
The AWS cloud provided protection guidance even before the disruptive Mirai malware-generated DDoS attack attacks last October. This whitepaper was published last June. [Read here]
3. Another misconfigured Amazon 3 Bucket reveals Dow Jones Customer Data (July 19, 2017)
Security firm UpGuard Inc. discovered yet another unprotected S3 storage container on AWS, this one exposing personal information of millions of Dow Jones & Company clients. [Read here]
2. Microsoft Challenges AWS With Azure Database Services (May 12, 2012)
Microsoft announced a host of cloud-based database options at this week’s Build developer conference. They are directly competing with similar solutions from AWS. [Read here]
1. Now on GitHub: LocalStack (March 27), a tool for local AWS mocking and testing
Atlassian, an enterprise software company, has published a new project on the GitHub open-source code repository: the LocalStack tool to test and mock cloud development projects. [Read here]

2017 Wrap-Up: Top AWS News of the year
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