2022 PMP Review: Rahul passed the PMP in just 30 days. Check out his tips!

Rahul Kamble recently passed his PMP certification exam. Rahul completed a PMP review, and shared his PMP journey. Rahul shares his tips for passing the PMP exam.
1- How long did it take to study for the PMP certification examination?
In my first sentence of my PMP review, i would say that I have only done 4 weeks of dedicated PMP study. I also received 35 hours of contact training three years ago. I was getting a brief introduction to PMBOK. Two main resources that helped me prepare for the PMP certification exam were PMBOK and PMP certification training.
2- What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMP certification exam.
It was difficult to find time from work and family to prepare for the exam. Second, PMBOK consists mainly of theoretical content. This theoretical structure makes preparation more difficult. Third, it is possible that questions on the pmp exam may be based on topics/practices not covered in PMBOK. It was difficult to identify these topics and practice from the correct resources. These are the issues of my PMP review.
3- What was the quality of PMP training materials?
The PMP certification training materials were really great. The handouts are very useful for exam preparation. These handouts helped me focus on the PMP exam. I was more interested in these training materials because of their concise compilation and clear illustration. This is my PMP review of Master of Project Academy’s PMP training materials.
4- How similar were the questions on the real PMP certification exam to the questions in Master of Project Academy’s PMP certification exam?
I would estimate that 85 to 90% of the questions in the PMP certification exam are similar to those in Master of Project Academy’s PMP questions and answers.
5- How many PMP certification exam question did you practice before taking the exam?
Master of Project Academy’s PMP certification training has over 700 questions. To prepare for the PMP certification exam, I practiced each of these questions and made mistakes. I recommend that you practice as many PMP questions possible as part of your PMP review.
6- How was the support received during the PMP certification training?
Resit, the instructor of the PMP course, was prompt to answer our questions and clarify our doubts during certification training.

7- Do any of your recommendations concern future PMP certification exam candidates or other PMP professionals?
Get some training in project management and PMP. (You can also check this free overview of PMP training.)
To understand its scope, take a bird’s eye view of PMBOK.
You can take a training course such as PMP certification training to learn the PMBOK contents and prepare for the exam. Before enrolling in any course, you should review the PMP review.
PMBOK is mainly theoretically structured. Make a habit of making flashcards or taking notes. I found the PMP certification training handouts extremely helpful. It allows you to quickly glance through it when you have 5 minutes spare.
Answer the questions at the end of each chapter. If you are unsure about the answer to a question, look for it in PMBOK instead of settling for an explanation in rationale.
You can solve full PMP exam papers using more than 2/3 of the resources.
8- Do any of you have any tips or tricks for the PMP certification exam?
Avoid any busy schedules on exam day.
To identify questions and your rough work, note down the question numbers on rough work papers.
You can save time by using strikeout options when you need to revisit not-so-certain answers.
9- What would you recommend to your friend as part of their PMP r?

2022 PMP Review: Rahul passed the PMP in just 30 days. Check out his tips!
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