2022 PMP Study plan for working professionals – 7 Steps to Success

The PMP certification is the most widely recognized for project management professionals. Earning the PMP certificate can be difficult, especially for working professionals. Most full-time workers struggle to find the time to study PMP. Is there a PMP study plan? What PMP study plan is best for me? What are the steps in a PMP study program? These are the most common questions professionals have when they want to obtain PMP certification.
This post will show you the 7 steps to creating your PMP Study Plan.
There is no simple or concrete answer to the question “What is the PMP Study Plan?” Many PMP certification applicants expect a guide, or a recipe, and that once they follow it, they will be able to pass the PMP exam in their first attempt. Many PMP blogs, training providers and other platforms promise that they will help you get your PMP certification on your first attempt if your PMP study plan is followed.
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A solid PMP study guide can increase your chances of passing in the first attempt. However, it cannot guarantee 100% success. This is due to many factors, including the background of the PMP aspirant, the PMP training they received, and the PMP study plan they followed.
Master of Project Academy PMP Study Plan
We have helped more than 200,000 professionals from more than 180 countries pass their PMP exam through our Master of Project Academy. We had students who passed the exam in just 15 days. However, there were also students who took 6 months to prepare for the PMP exam. It all depends on your experience in project management, your availability and your dedication to PMP preparation.
What are the 35 hours of self-paced PMP training?
Based on our experience, we have created a PMP study guide for professionals. Many PMP aspirants work during the day and study for the exam during their free time. These could be after work, on weekends, or on holidays. The PMP study plan below can be used by a full-time professional.
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7 Step PMP Study Program for Working Professionals
The PMP study guide for professionals includes seven major steps. Each step will be covered individually.
Step #1 – Determine Target Date for Sitting PMP Exam
You must first establish a realistic goal if you want to achieve success. Decide when you will take the PMP exam. This is the first step in the PMP Study Plan. You don’t have to schedule your PMP exam date. You should simply mark the date you will be available to take the PMP exam. It all depends on your availability and commitment, but we recommend that a full-time professional plan for 3-4 months of PMP preparation.

A regular PMP Training provides 35 hours of project management education. You will spend more time taking practice tests, reviewing notes, memorizing formulas, and going over any unclear parts that you didn’t understand in the first attempt.
A typical PMP preparation will take between 70-85 hours. We assume that you can dedicate around 6 hours per week to PMP study, even if you are unable to study on weekends, holidays or evenings. This leaves you with 12-14 weeks of preparation time.
Important Note: Before you set your PMP exam date, make sure you have checked whether you are eligible to take it. Before you apply for the PMP exam, there are some requirements you must meet. Project management experience is required. You must also have attended 35 PMP training courses.

2022 PMP Study plan for working professionals – 7 Steps to Success
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