A IT Admins Playbook for Providing a Secure Network With Cisco Meraki

IT administrators know how demanding and difficult your job can be. You are responsible for managing everything, from clients to applications, as well as installing and maintaining network gear. You also have to consider the business growth demands. As the business grows, so does the network. This includes the types of devices and applications that are used. It is up to you and your team, to install, update, maintain, and monitor all of this. Although managing these clients has been difficult, security is now available to help you sleep at night.
The Struggle to Maintain a Secure Network

More than 43% of cybersecurity attacks target small businesses with lean IT departments. 74% of these attacks exploit insecure network access and security policies. IT administrators need a flexible way to manage user, device, and network access.

Although everyone wants a secure network and a reliable IT team, they are not always easy to implement or manage. Many require manual labor and a skilled IT team to properly implement. Many IT teams lack the resources and expertise to implement this multi-layered security solution. Do you find this recipe for disaster familiar?

IT teams are faced with multiple vendors to manage, with different dashboards, manual integrations and many boxes to secure their network. More than 25% of organizations employ up to 20 vendors in order to secure their networks. You’ve made the security landscape more complicated than you intended. What now? What do you do? (Please don’t.) We know you already know. We don’t need to explain why you should implement a security strategy that affects every layer in your network. It will give you security everywhere. It’s both a time- and manpower issue.

Malicious attackers know this and take advantage of these vulnerabilities. How can you stop your company becoming the next data breach headline? You might want to consider Cisco Meraki, a cloud-based networking solution.

Cisco Meraki’s Most Important Cross-product Secure Networking Solutions can Help
Cisco Meraki recently revealed their most comprehensive cross-product security solutions. This will help you create a secure and simple digital workplace. Meraki has an advantage in simplicity, security and scalability because their networking solutions can be managed from one web-based dashboard. With these new Meraki solutions you don’t have to compromise on security. The following solutions have been released by Cisco Meraki to simplify network security procedures: Download this Security Made Simple Playbook to learn more about the recently launched Cisco Meraki security products.

Are you ready to find out more? For more information, click the link below. Register now for the Cisco Meraki Webinar.

A IT Admins Playbook for Providing a Secure Network With Cisco Meraki
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