AF COOL Program explained

Air Force COOL is a pathway that allows enlisted Air & Space Force members to earn industry-recognized professional certificates and licenses. The Air Force COOL program covers all licensing fees, exam costs, study preparation costs, and training costs.
Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AF COOL) has a credential map for 642 professional certificates and licenses to support the 190 enlisted Air Force special codes. The credentials are at both the national and state level and can be obtained from any industry.
Credentialing serves two purposes. It serves two purposes. First, it professionalizes the enlisted force by providing industry-recognized credentials for an Airman or Space Professional job. It also helps airmen prepare for civilian life by making sure they are prepared for work in civilian sectors. Credentialing includes certifications and licenses.
What are the requirements for AF COOL?
First, you must be on Title 10 orders or Title 32.502(f), in order to enlist RegAF, ARES and ANG component members during the entire process.
If funding is denied, member will be disapproved. Failure to do so will result is disapproval.
During the entire certification period, enlisted must be on title 10, 32 or 502f orders. How do I apply?
Click here to apply for the Air Force COOL Program. If you meet the requirements, you can search for related credentials. Once you have chosen the credential you want, you will need an education goal.
After your supervisor has approved your educational goals, you can start creating this process in AFVEC. It is the responsibility of the member to research and find the information they are looking for. The AF COOL program doesn’t offer this service. However, the NHDI will help you achieve your education goals.
Click Here to Download the AF COOL Credentialing Eligibility letter
The Purchasing agent will notify the member that they are cleared to test for AF COOL certifications. Purchasing agent will notify the member that they are cleared to test.Member takes the test and uploads results under the supporting documents section of their educational goalMember emails AF COOL CPO to notify results have been uploaded ([email protected])AF COOL CPO verifies, post results, and close educational goal.Popular af cool approved certification programs
Below is a list with popular AF COOL certified programs that will make it easy to search for AFSC credentials. NHDoD, a division within New Horizons Learning Group has created several certification programs that greatly leverage the $4500 funding. These programs offer more than one class and exam. Airmen must pass each exam before AF Cool approves the next course.
CompTIA IT Operations Specialist – (CIOS)CompTIA Network+CompTIA Network+CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Expert (CSIS)CompTIA Network+CompTIA Network+CompTIA Systems Support Specialist – (CSSS)CompTIA Network+CompTIA Cloud+CompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional – (CNIP)CompTIA Network+CompTIA Se

AF COOL Program explained
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