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How to Prepare for 2020 with the New CCNP

Update: Training is now available for the CCNP Enterprise Core exam (335-435 ENAUTO). There has been much talk about the changes that will be made to Cisco’s certification program. This makes sense. It’s been a while since Cisco made such dramatic moves. IT certification is a huge deal. We’ll be discussing changes to CCNP, and […]

What is MPLS?

The Quick Definition: Multiprotocol Label Switching is a protocol-agnostic routing method that speeds up traffic flows across large area- and service provider networks. What is MPLS? Multi-Protocol Label Switching (or MPLS) is a way for you to connect your sites together. MPLS is a common feature of VoIP solutions that are used across a large […]

Networking Basics: How do you configure policy-based routing on Cisco Routers

The Quick Definition: Policy-based Routing (PBR) refers to a technique that uses routing decisions based upon policies established by network administrators. What is Policy Routing? Networks have become more complex due to factors like the cloud, mobility and web-based apps. These networks also have more voice and video data. This has led to an increase […]

Network+ N10-007: Inside Scoop

If you have been in IT for a while, you know that certifications are part of everyday life. CompTIA relaunched their Network+ exam earlier this month to validate test takers’ knowledge about cloud, virtualization and mobile device management. Keith Barker discusses what’s new in the Network+ exam from CompTIA and what’s the same. He also […]

Essential Tips for Microsoft Powerpoint Communication is key. Microsoft PowerPoint makes it possible to do all of this and more. Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, will help you discover the full range of tips and tricks. Also, make sure to check out her Microsoft PowerPoint course on SPOTO. Microsoft Powerpoint Tech Tips: The reading view. This is useful for previewing slides and animations without having to launch a Slide Show. This is because I have two monitors at work. Presenter View launches on both screens if I run the actual show. Reading View is better for previewing a presentation, even though I love Presenter View. You can find it in your View tab or by looking for the open book button at bottom of screen. Find the free Slice Timer Addin in the Office Add-ins Store by clicking on your Insert tab. Although it’s not very beautiful, it’s quite useful. It’s very useful and I like the way the colors change as time passes. This allows my trainees to see when they need to get moving. You can use a subset or slides of your slides to target a specific audience without having to create a separate file. Custom Shows are a great way to do this. It’s much more convenient than keeping multiple versions of the same presentation updated. On the Slide Show tab, find the Custom Slide Show option. Did you know that you can set your text point size to 10.2? Or 14.6? You can specify up to a tenth point. Simply type directly into the Font Size field. To arrange text in columns, right click on the text and choose Format Shape. Then, look for the Text Box options in your task pane to the right-hand side. You’ll find a Columns button. Disclaimer: While I don’t advocate the use of PowerPoint slides with a lot of text, I realize that many of you use PowerPoint for other purposes. Too close to the text? To adjust the spacing between bullets, you can click and drag on the triangles if your ruler is visible (turn it on by clicking the View tab). To make it even easier, hold down the CTRL key. Are you finding that every time you add text boxes, you have to change the spacing, color, or other settings. It might be worth setting the default textbox for that presentation. To create the perfect text box click on the edge and select Set as default text box. Have you ever sat down and rearranged speaker notes, one slide at a. To remove all speaker notes at once, use the Document Inspector (File. Info, Check for Issues. Inspect Document). You can search for random text in PowerPoint by typing =rand() and =lorem(). I’m confident that you can copy and paste slides from one presentation into another. This is possible in a more elegant way: with the

Slides feature can be reused. It is located at the bottom of the New Slide button under the Home tab. Graphic & Drawing Tips How to make a white logo black? Click the graphic, go to the Picture Tools ribbon tab and click the Corrections button. Then, choose Picture Correction Options at bottom. This will […]

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