Basecamp is different than the competition.

Basecamp, the first online project management software, is the flagship product of 37Signals. It was created by Jason Fried, founder of 37Signals. It was launched in 2004. Jason was named one of the top 35 innovators in the category of less than 35 years. Basecamp is an easy-to-use online project management tool that has been embraced by consultants and project managers all over the world. Although there are many web-based project management options, they all are more or less copies.
Basecamp software has many functions that help with project management and monitoring. These include messaging, tracking time, milestone management, file sharing, and to-do lists. This application is ideal for consultants and entrepreneurs as well as small businesses. You can integrate the application with other 37Signals products to create a complete project management system. It is available in many languages, including English, German and Russian.
Basecamp offers many add-ons that were mainly created by Basecamp users. is one example of these add-ons. It falls under the web services, desktop, and mobile apps categories. Basecamp users can sync their projects with Dropbox and Google Docs by using the cloudHQ for Dropbox. You can also edit project attachments using the Google Chrome browser. Basecamp can be easily integrated with other applications to provide more features.
Basecamp’s feature richness and ease of use are the reasons it is so popular. Basecamp makes it easy to manage project tasks and track task statuses. Basecamp installation is simple and does not require any assistance. Maintenance is not a concern. Basecamp makes collaboration easy with its user-friendly nature and easy customization. Basecamp’s user community is growing with new features being added to the product all the time.
Access to files, private messaging, and to-do lists can be made anonymously for easier access
All attachments and files can be viewed at once
SSL secure encryption
Quickcard allows you to quickly view contact information of a person.
Ability to create tags to improve organization and search.
Basecamp is the online project management platform of choice because of its ability to simplify project management and its focus on user needs.

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Basecamp is different than the competition.
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