ConceptDraw Project 3: Review

It is simple to set up a project: anyone who is familiar with MS Project will be capable of navigating around the site without any difficulty. The main screen displays the task list and Gantt charts. The standard functionality of the screen is available: managing resources, costs, and dependencies. I like the semi-transparent nature of the gantt charts. The duration bars show how much you have increased your time before you release the mouse.
My first problem was adding tasks to my project. The command “Insert Task” automatically inserts a task in front of the current line. If you enter the first task in your project and then click to insert another, it’ll appear before. This is not how my brain works. I tend to think from beginning to end of projects, which I found quite restrictive.
However, the software has many useful features. I can export to a Microsoft-compatible format. Network diagrams are not as easy to create. They are easy to create and include cost information. It is very neat to see the critical path illuminate in red when you click a button. Overall, the Gantt charts colours and representation make it easy to understand and use. You have many options for customization, which is great when you present the gantt charts to stakeholders.
The help file contains 4 lessons about using the software. However, it can be annoying to scroll to the bottom to click ‘Next’. It would not be difficult to add a link to the bottom of the page for the ‘Next’ option. It makes me wonder about the usability issues I’ll encounter as I get into the heart of managing projects.
This seems like a viable alternative for the planning tools that I currently use. I look forward to trying it out when I set up my next project.

ConceptDraw Project 3: Review
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