Five Technology and Engineering Trends for 2022

Scientists and engineers are constantly trying to find solutions for humanity’s problems. There are many exciting developments in engineering and tech that are making their way to the public’s attention.
The year 2022 has seen the adoption and introduction of many new technologies, including 3D-printed homes, brain-computer interfaces, and efficient alternatives to traditional heating. The 2022 technological innovations have made a significant contribution to a better future by providing solutions for prominent humanitarian issues such as housing costs and viruses.
ABGI UK, an innovation management advisor, has broken down five of the 2022’s most significant technological breakthroughs so you can stay up to date on what lies ahead.
Heat pumps
The energy used to heat indoor spaces such as offices, homes and shops is one of the major contributors to global energy use. Global warming is caused by heating methods that rely on oil, gas, or coal. As we move towards net zero emissions, heat pumps are a promising solution to this problem.
Heat pump technology transfers thermal energies from a cooler area to a warmer one using the refrigeration cycle. Heat pumps are basically refrigerators that work in reverse. They force heat from the outside to heat indoor spaces.
Heat pumps can also be used as air-conditioning systems and can cool indoor spaces during the summer months. Heat pumps are an efficient alternative to traditional heating systems, as they only move heat around. It’s not surprising that heat pumps are becoming more popular than other heating methods, as the UK government offers financial incentives to households to install them.
VR Fitness
Virtual Reality (VR), is most well-known for its design and gaming applications. Developers are looking for alternative applications for this popular technology due to VR’s accessibility and ease-of-use. The fitness sector is a particular area of interest. VR technology is a natural choice for encouraging people to exercise.
The pandemic that decimated gyms and fitness centers across the country has helped VR become mainstream. As hardware prices fall, VR technology will be more widely used in the fitness industry. With more and more games, sorry, virtual exercise programs, being developed, game developers are paying attention.
The potential impact of VR on public health could prove to be very important given the increasing number of obese and overweight people suffering from health problems. We hope to see a healthier UK by allowing people the ability to train at home and incorporating video games elements.
Vaccines against HIV and Malaria
Biologists and scientists have been working for years to find cures for HIV and Malaria. These viruses are responsible worldwide for hundreds of thousands of deaths. There are some reasons to believe that 2022 could be the year of breakthrough in the fight against these viruses.
2021 saw the release of a messenger-RNA (mRNA), based malaria vaccine that is 77% efficient. Moderna is currently testing a vaccine against HIV that uses mRNA technology. The ongoing pandemic may have one silver lining: it could herald a golden age of vaccine development.
3D-Printed Homes
3D-printing technology is a new trend in recent years. Its many potential applications are rapidly exceeding initial expectations. Icon, a Texas-based company, is expanding their 3D printing capabilities.

Five Technology and Engineering Trends for 2022
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