From white papers to pocketbooks, the most downloaded content on project management and IT

How can you easily improve your continuing professional development (CPD). The My AXELOS online subscription service provides career development tools and resources that are aligned with ITIL(r), PrINCE2(r), and MSP(r). This year, the top CPD content was accessed by users of My AXELOS.
Here’s a quick overview of what’s available to keep your skills and knowledge current.
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White paper for PRINCE2 project leaders and managers:
What is leadership? How can it increase the chances of a project’s success?
Managers may be able to understand the concept behind project objectives but they might not know the key to project leadership: creating, articulating, and achieving a vision.
The PRINCE2 method is powerful in helping you communicate a vision for a better future and inspire others to work towards it. It also helps you make tough decisions and guide people through organizational changes.
ITSM’s future is agile: A practical guide
Digital transformation is only possible with IT teams. This means IT teams must adapt to agile working methods such as collaboration and knowledge sharing.
How can practitioners adopt agile methods while ensuring digital services are predictable and stable?
This guide is based on ITIL 4 principles and helps IT professionals to kickstart their agile journey. It also helps them build high-velocity service team through improved performance, culture, and practices. It also blends the best approaches from agile/DevOps and IT service management.
Strategy: Management pocketbook
Although you don’t need to be a strategist expert or guru, having a good grasp of the principles of strategy could give your organization an edge.
This pocketbook is free from complicated theory and gets to the heart of what a strategy really is. It also explains how strategies help professionals build business competencies, such as people systems and culture. These are the things that can make the difference between a great business and a great one.
You can create and maintain value for your company by translating a corporate vision into concrete actions.
A new approach to the implementation of ITSM tools
Why is it that so many people in the ITSM and service desk communities are unhappy with their service management tools.
Excessive expectations, high prices, and difficult configuration and customization can all lead to a failed ITSM tool project.
Instead, the white paper encourages you to “rip down the tool implementation” and instead focus on the benefits and outcomes. This will increase your chances of automating business processes and providing management information, as well as improving customer communications, user experience, and customer service.
Learn how to map processes and value stream, empower people in service delivery, keep end users top of mind, deliver better experiences, get your tool adopted, and see a return on investment.
Budgets and management pocketbook
If you are asking the question “Do I need a budget…is it necessary plan the finances?”, here’s the answer: “Yes”.
This pocketbook shows that your business is a “sophisticated, money-making machine”. Budgeting is something you cannot leave to chance. What you’ll learn is how to “tell your money where it should go, rather than worrying about where it went”.
A business requires financial planning. You need to know how you are going to make a profit, where the cash will come to pay employees and fund materials.
Management models – Management pocketbooks
Are business leaders aware of what is expected? It is not always so.
This pocketbook provides managers who are looking to assume leadership roles with the knowledge and tools to succeed by understanding how to lead people effectively.
All the concerns that a new leader might have – getting the best results

From white papers to pocketbooks, the most downloaded content on project management and IT
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