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Do you want to pass your next certification exam. Continue reading.
Global Knowledge subject matter experts are familiar with certification exams. They know the best study strategies and test-taking techniques to make the most of exam time. Tracy Wallace, a Global Knowledge Microsoft Azure instructor, says certification exams are not easy or fun.
These 10 tips and tricks for passing the certification exam are directly from our experts and Certification Guides. They will help you to be successful in your quest for certification.

1. A single study cram session won’t suffice
“This certification is not one that you can study one afternoon and then take the test the next day.”
David Ross, a Google Cloud Platform (GCP), expert, is specifically referring to a GCP certificate here. However, it applies to all certifications. Very few people can just show up at an exam and pass without any preparation.
GCP exams are an example of this. They are designed to ensure that test-takers understand the content and have had extensive practice in a GCP environment. This level of knowledge cannot be acquired by reading or self-study alone. It can’t be learned in a single night. You need to have hands-on experience.
The same philosophy applies for Microsoft certification exams. Wallace stresses the importance of using technology. It’s an essential part of learning and it maintains the credibility for the certification. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pass a certification exam without actual practice.
Wallace writes in the article Six Tips for Passing a Microsoft Certification Exam from Someone Who Hates Taking Tests.

2. Do your homework before you do it!
Certification exams are not dangerous. However, failing to pass may make you feel like that. Technology providers want your company and you to succeed. Most technology providers are open about exam content.
Each provider should have an official exam webpage for your certification (e.g., AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, CCNA Routing & Switching, Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer). This content should be familiar to you. You will find a detailed overview of the exam on each page.
These pages can give clues as to how questions might be placed. Ross says: “The exam guide’s wording might seem overwhelming, but the overall concepts can give clues about how the exam is written and what types of questions you will face.”
Some exam pages will also list the types of questions to expect (e.g. multiple choice, best answer, etc.). This is especially important when you plan to take the test.
Multiple choice is the best way to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP(r)) certification exam. But there’s a twist: you want to find the “most correct” answer. There will be at least two correct answers to the questions, but the context and subtleties of the language will determine which one is correct.
CompTIA exams include performance-based questions that require students to complete a task, or answer a series questions. These exams are more than simple multiple-choice. These exams require that test-takers interact with the screen and analyze real world scenarios.
These details are very helpful in prepping. Each certification exam is different. Get to know the details of each exam page. This will ensure that you don’t waste time studying or practicing.

3. Instructor-led training is the gold standard in learning
Talk directly with experts. This is the benefit of instructor-led live training courses. Authorized training providers

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