How to Become Project Manager in 2022: 3 ways to get a job (with examples)

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Many of the projects you see in the media are high-profile and have budgets in the millions or even billions. They are all led by experienced project managers who have the confidence to manage the complex sociopolitical environment of their projects, virtual and international teams, and other factors that make their work challenging.
This view of projects might make you wonder how people got started. All those high-profile leaders started their careers in the same way as you: by managing smaller projects, learning core skills through training, and then transferring them to the workplace.
This is how to become project manager in a nutshell. However, I will explain three ways to get into the profession and share stories from five people who chose project management for their career.

Higher Education
Apprenticeships are the best way to get into project management with no degree.
Direct Entry: How to get into project Management without a Degree Option 2
You can increase your chances of getting a job.

You will need project management skills for your first job
How to get into project administration without any experience: Project coordinator jobs
Stepping into project management from the side
To become a project manager, you will need to gain experience.
Tip: Join a professional organization
Five project managers share their stories about getting a job.
Emma Seaton-Smith
Mayte Mata – Sivera
Donna Unitt
Elise Stevens
Frances Place

Talking to project managers and reading through interviews in my book Project Manager will show you that there are many ways to get into project management. There are three ways to get into the project management job market.
Through higher education
Through an apprenticeship
Direct entry

Higher Education
There are many undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as certificates and degrees that have a project management focus. When people think about how to become project managers, they often think first of further education.
It is up to you to decide whether you want to take a module in project management as part of a degree in another discipline or if you choose one that has a high percentage of project management. This will depend on where you see yourself going in your career.
Here are my thoughts about whether or not you should get a degree.
It is worth looking into a project management module as an individual module. Even if you don’t end up in a full-time project management role, you can be sure that most jobs these day will require you to be capable of organizing and planning your work.
A major in project management, or a combination degree program, could give you a professional certification (or the education and background required to pass the exam for a professional certificate).
This is a great way to complete your education. It’s worth looking into whether your chosen degree course can count towards industry qualifications.
Apprenticeships are the best way to get into project management with no degree.
An apprentice is an employee whose employer receives funding to train and put them through professional assessments. It is on-the-job training with support for structured education. It is a great way to get into the management field without any previous experience.
Two English apprenticeship programs offer the APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ).
The Level 4 Associate Project ManagerApprenticeship
The Level 6Project Management Integrated Degree Apprenticeship (which will also qualify you with a BA/BSc in Project Management degree).

As an apprentice, you will learn the skills and develop the behavior.

How to Become Project Manager in 2022: 3 ways to get a job (with examples)
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