Network+ N10-007: Inside Scoop

If you have been in IT for a while, you know that certifications are part of everyday life. CompTIA relaunched their Network+ exam earlier this month to validate test takers’ knowledge about cloud, virtualization and mobile device management.
Keith Barker discusses what’s new in the Network+ exam from CompTIA and what’s the same. He also shares tips on how to prepare.
Keith aligned this webinar to the N10-007 blueprint. Here they are, along with their timestamps.
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Start training1:07 – 1.0: Networking concepts
3:52 – 4.0 Network Security
4:45 – 2.0 Infrastructure
4.54 – 3.0 Network Operations
5:32 – 5.0: Network Troubleshooting and Tools
6:20 – Keith discusses his experience with the exam
7:04 – All about the new SPOTO course

Keith answered questions at the conclusion of the webinar.

These are the timestamps to get great Network+ N10-007 information.
0:32 – When does Network+ N10-007 go live?
1:06 – Are N10-006 or N10-007 significant differences?
2:46 – How can you compare N10-007 with CCNA?
4:50 – How long do I need for N10-007 study?
8:50 – I completed the CCNA in November. Could I just take N10-007 to pass?
11:28 – Should I focus on N10-007 or the other? Or should I focus on N10-006 before it retires August 2018?
14:59 – How long is N10-007 valid?
15:46 – What role will N10-007 play in my career development?
17:07 – Will Network+ cover 802.11 BAGN with N10-007?
18:13 – Did you cover the problem solving sequence in the SPOTO training for N10-007? (Answer: Absolutely!)
19:07 – I love textbooks. I need help finding a book that will help me study for N10-007.

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About the Presenter
SPOTO’s Keith Barker brings almost 30 years of IT experience to the table. He has been a SPOTO trainer since 2012. He is a Cisco CCIE Security and (ISC.2 CISSP) certified IT security professional. Keith recently completed the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501), training course for SPOTO.
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Network+ N10-007: Inside Scoop
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