New Training: Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Automated with PowerShell

SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan demonstrates how to use PowerShell’s Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).
This is the new PowerShell training.
Amazon Simple Notification Service is a fan out messaging service that can forward messages from a sender, to one or more subscribers. This is particularly important for complex distributed applications where multiple components must be notified simultaneously when a critical event occurs.
You can configure subscribers using a variety endpoints. These are some of the supported protocols to configure Amazon SNS subscribers.
Send SMS text messages via SMS to mobile phones
Send emails to an email address
Use HTTPS to trigger a webhook endpoint (ie. Slack notifications
To update a database, invoke an AWS Lambda function

This training includes:
7 videos
1 hour of training

You can watch a video from the series here:

Benefits of fan-out Application Architecture
Instead of creating monolithic components that perform multiple operations simultaneously, a fan-out architecture allows for separation of concerns. Each component can only be responsible for one task, but multiple components may be triggered simultaneously. The added benefit of running separate components simultaneously is improved application performance.
Here are some examples where fan-out notification mechanisms could be helpful.
The “Video upload complete” event triggers 1) a containerized application for video processing and 2) simultaneously sends an email to a Slack channel.
The “Order Placed” event sends a notification multiple warehouses and updates a database
“Person detected” event 1) triggers security alarm 2) sends a message through a chat system and 3) creates a entry in a security audit data base

There are many other uses for fan-out messaging architecture. It can increase system performance and allow for a microservice approach in software development. You can use your creativity to create distributed applications or refactor monolithic applications into smaller components.
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New Training: Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Automated with PowerShell
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