Practical Cyber Threat Intelligence – Coming Soon 1

Practical Cyber Threat Intelligence
Cyber Intelligence Practices can be used to gather, process, and analyze threat actor motives, targets, and attacks.
Easy to say, write, and pronounce, I am proud to announce the publication of my sixteenth book, “Practical Cyber Threat Intelligence”, which will soon be available via BPB Publishing. This news is for you.

You need a highly-qualified threat hunting team with cutting-edge threat intelligence, to protect your business assets. You will not be able to stop the threat actors no matter how effective your cyber defenses are.
This book will give you the practical knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to improve your cyber threat intelligence. This book will show you how to model threats using adversarial information from different sources. It will also teach you how pivot on the adversarial information you have collected, develop the knowledge necessary for analysis and distinguish between good and bad information.
The book teaches you how to analyze threats and develops your analytical skills. Security professionals can quickly identify the most common indicators that indicate vulnerability and determine whether there are any hacking attacks or threats to their systems. The reader will also learn how to predict the extent of attacks and assess the potential damage they can cause.
This book is for aspiring Cyber Threat Analysts and Security Analysts, Cybersecurity specialists and Network Security professionals who want to improve their analytical skills to quickly identify and counter threats.
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Threat Modeling – Analyzing Adversaries behavior – Learning Cyber defense Skills – Malware analysis. Identify common cyber threats. – Building Threat Intelligence Model – Threat Intelligence

Practical Cyber Threat Intelligence – Coming Soon 1
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