Review: ConceptDraw PRO

ConceptDraw PROJECT has been reviewed by me.
ConceptDraw PRO is the third and final component of the ConceptDraw Office suite. ConceptDraw PRO, according to the vendor is a powerful diagramming tool that allows users to visualize and communicate information.
It’s a fancy drawing program, a little like SmartDraw.
Instead of relying on clipart for your presentations, it produces professional-looking graphics and diagrams such as flowcharts or network diagrams.
It also states that it can be used as a media kit to “represent necessary business and project-related information.” It provides project teams with a comprehensive tool that allows them to create WBSs and track the status of their projects on a highly interactive dashboard.
Interactive dashboard? That sounds amazing! The reviewer’s guide also includes a sample of a project indicator presentation. This shows the completeness and complexity of the diagram in a very nice dought diagram. However, I couldn’t find any reference in the help or in the templates to the dashboard. I couldn’t find any information about creating a work breakdown structure.
I wasn’t sure if I was looking in the wrong place or if the software was being oversold. Although you could make your own dashboard using the pie chart feature, it is a hassle (I tried), and not interactive. I thought a dashboard was meant to allow for real-time status reporting. However, designing your own graphic every time doesn’t accomplish that.
You will need PROJECT set up with all the data you need. PRO will then create your reports. ConceptDraw PRO really shines here.
PROJECT can create dynamic reports and PRO will automatically create attractive graphics of any time. Although PRO is not the best tool out there, ConceptDraw Office suite can be used to create dynamic reports.
I tried to create a Gantt charts. I don’t understand why anyone would use a graphics program to build a Gantt charts when there are better project management tools.
The worst thing about this was that each task was added above the last task. If you think in a sequence from start to finish like me, you will end up having reorder all your tasks or your project schedule is effectively upside-down.
Although it was difficult to find the keyboard shortcuts, the Insert key (should have known!) was easy. I was given a new task. However, deleting it didn’t delete it.
Although the end result was shocking, it is not surprising. This is partly because the entire project is scheduled for one day since there is no automatic linking between dependencies.
This is version 8.0.3, but I think there are many improvements that could be made. It takes some time to get used to all graphics packages. PhotoShop is still difficult for me, even though I’ve been using it for years.
It is also very portable. All ConceptDraw Office packages are compatible with other tools. You can export your graphics or documents in html format, as well as a variety of other image formats. You can use PRO to create full-screen presentations, “without the need for any other applications” (i.e. PowerPoint). However, I was unable to find the right way and the online help was useless.
Although I only have a 30-day trial license, it is sufficient. SmartDraw is the best software I have ever used. ConceptDraw PRO was too confusing for me.
Right to reply: I shared my review with the team from CS Odessa and they sent me a presentation pointing out how “supporting information” can be managed between all three applications.

Review: ConceptDraw PRO
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