Ten New Excel 2016 Features You Must Know About

This Excel version has many great features, including the ability to analyze your data and ask natural language questions. It also allows you to work with large data models and build them. These are just a few of the many great features Excel has to offer. Others are still in the process of evolving.

1. Forecasting tools that are more accurate and better at predicting trends.

FORECAST.LINEAR will replace Excel’s current forecasting feature starting in 2016. This function predicts a value using existing values that follow a linear trend. Although this is not a new feature it has been enhanced to offer multiple methods of forecasting results. Forecasters and forecasters who need to predict future results will appreciate the ability to modify the shape and progression of the forecasted result.
FORECAST.ETS, FORECAST.ETS.CONFINT, FORECAST.ETS.SEASONALITY, FORECAST.ETS.STAT are all new forecasting functions that add additional forecasting metrics. A confidence level metric, or the ability to make adjustments to allow data to be seasonal. There are many features that can be used to help you create a more accurate forecasting model.

2. For those who aren’t sure what we’re looking at, you can use Artificial Intelligence to analyze data.
Sometimes it can be difficult to find new information about your data. Clicking the Analyze Data button in the home toolbar will allow you to use AI to analyze your data and give you more information. To dig deeper into your data, you can also ask natural language queries.

3. Timelines and Date Grouping features make it easier to group by years, quarters or months.
The new Excel makes it easy to work with dates. Excel used to import date data in the same way as all other data. Excel can now recognize and divide dates into quarters, months and days. Excel also offers a timeline filter that takes advantage of this feature.

4. PowerPivot is now preinstalled. This allows you to manage multiple data sets within a data model, making Excel faster and more efficient.
PowerPivot makes it easy to import 1,000,000 rows of records. PowerPivot is the driving force behind creating data models. This technology has been used in Excel as well as other Microsoft products. PowerPivot’s advantages include data relationships and shaping data using DAX. The latest version

5. Power Query makes it easier to import data and fills in any gaps.
Power Query makes it easier to import and shape data in Excel than ever before. Power Query allows you to create complex data models using multiple sources. You can remove the data you don’t need and then add the data you do need. You won’t need to write a single line of code during M script.

6. The New Visio Plug in gives you the best of Visio.
You can create amazing visuals without having to install Visio. Excel now has the insert toolbar. Click the Visio button on the Insert tab and you can start creating organization charts, basic flowcharts and cross-functional flow charts.

7. To display information about groups of people, A People Graph Plug In is available.

The People Graph plug-in is another cool feature that can transform data into visuals. Excel can now create diagrams from data that has been converted into tables. Excel now offers a faster way to use Smart Art: “Transform cold data to a cool picture” The app has three chart types, seven themes, and 16 shapes.

Excel now has an entirely new function, XL

Ten New Excel 2016 Features You Must Know About
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