TWO WEEKS NOTICE – Last Day to Take Retirement Microsoft Exams

Microsoft will retire a group of exams on March 31, 2017. This leaves you with just two weeks to take an exam before it disappears forever! We looked into the Microsoft exam retirements more deeply last month. Let’s now take a look at the exams that are just two weeks away from their final days.
March 31, 2017, Retire
Many of the recertification exams for Microsoft’s new certification tracks will be obsolete as Microsoft moves forward. Below is a list of the exams and/or certifications that have been replaced by the retiring exam.
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Start trainingMicrosoft Dynamic
MB6-701: Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R3 Retail

70-383: Recertification of MCSE SharePointReplaced with MCSE Productivity

70-384: Recertification for MCSE: CommunicationReplaced by MCSE: Productivity

70-385: Recertification of MCSE-MesagingReplaced with MCSE : Productivity

70-517: Recertification of MCSD SharePoint ApplicationsReplaced MCSD App Builder

SQL Server
70-469: Recertification of MCSE Data PlatformReplaced By MCSE Data Management and Analytics

70-470: Recertification of MCSE Business IntelligenceReplaced with MCSE Data Management and Analytics

Visual Studio and.NET
70-490: Recertification of MCSD for Windows Store Apps Using HTML5Replaced MCSD by App Builder

70-491: Recertification of MCSD for Windows Store Apps Using C#Replaced By MCSD App Builder

70-494: Recertification of MCSD Web ApplicationsReplaced By MCSD App Builder

70-499: Recertification of MCSD Application Lifecycle ManagementReplaced By MCSD App Builder

Windows Server
70-980: Recertification for MCSE: Server InfrastructureReplaced by MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

70-981: Recertification of MCSE Private CloudReplaced By MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

70-673: TS Designing, Assessing and Optimizing Software Asset Management. (SAM).

Microsoft’s exam retirements form part of a larger overhaul of the certification structure that led to five new expert-level certification pathways.
MCSE: Mobility
MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
MCSE: Productivity
MCSE: Data Management and Analytics
MCSD: App Builder
The new certifications offer a variety of exams that learners can choose from to create a certification that is more relevant to their current needs. It is possible to create expert-level certifications that can be customized by learners. This allows them to choose the skills and knowledge that they need rather than following a rigid curriculum, which may not be relevant as often under the old certification structure.
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TWO WEEKS NOTICE – Last Day to Take Retirement Microsoft Exams
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