Twproject Review [2022]

Are you looking to manage your projects, To Do Lists, timesheets and costs from one platform? Twproject (or T W Project) might be the right fit for you.
Let me tell you why.
General Information
Name: Twproject
Vendor: Twproject, srl
Hosting options: You can either install on your own server, or you can use an Amazon cloud-based dedicated server.
Languages: English and French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
Cost: You can have up to 5 users on one server for free. Additional licensing is available at a per-user basis. The cloud version costs a flat fee for a limited number of users. A 20-user team would cost EUR300 per month. Annual payments get discounts.
First impressions
Twproject was designed to fit the diverse needs of companies. The features are out-of-the box and allow the project board to oversee projects, agile teams to work in sprints, project managers to use predictive methods, or combine different work approaches in a hybrid approach.
Twproject is project management software for project managers and the rest of your team. It’s unlike many other apps I review, it is simple, user-friendly and customizable. This makes it a great tool for everyone.
It does a lot, from managing your WBS and all of the ‘professional’ features of project management through to keeping track your To Do List and the stuff that never makes it onto a project schedule.
Twproject manages cost management, resource management and scheduling. It also manages task management across both iterative and hybrid projects. It’s a powerful project management tool that works for everyone, no matter what projects they are working on or not.
Get started: The dashboard
When you log in for the first time, the dashboard is where you will land in Twproject. It can be customized to show you what you want. The landing page dashboard’s purpose is to help you work more efficiently – result! Project managers can see different information than team supervisors. You can also set up all this information based on granular roles profiles.
As you can see in the screenshot, the dashboard can display a lot of information, drawn from a variety of widgets. The team loading widget, for example, gives you an idea about how the team is being occupied throughout the week so that you as a leader can deal with those who are not adequately resourced.
Another option is the To Do summary webpart. It can be displayed on your dashboard and lists all open actions. There are also unassigned actions, those that are still waiting for someone else to complete them, and others. Twproject does not require you to use the To Do List management part of the tool. There are customers who don’t use it.
The headlines are a must-read for everyone. They tell you what is important and where to focus your attention. You’ll see tasks that are due. Click on the image to see which tasks are flagged so that you can help the team and resolve any bottlenecks.
The security model is very well defined so that people only see what they are allowed to see. Different data or numbers will be displayed on different pages depending on which account permissions they have.
Make a project
It is easy to set up a project. It takes just a few clicks to create and classify projects. You will need to manage the tool administration in order to set type, status, etc. in advance. However, this effort is well worth it to have a customized system that meets your company’s needs.
Smart way to track progress
I liked the possibility to choose a method to track progress. You can choose how you want to measure progress when you create a project. This could be by using weighted phases, number closes, estimated/actual cost, date, hours or manually.

Twproject Review [2022]
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