What is the cost of PMP certification?

Internationally recognized Project Management Professional certification, PMP certifies that you are a Project Management Professional. This certification tells clients, colleagues and the world what you are doing in project managing wherever you are at this stage of your career. Research shows that companies will need to fill approximately 2.2 millions new positions in project management each year by 2027. This means that there will be a high demand for project managers. Online PMP certification instructor-led training will help busy professionals understand all the complexities of this highly sought-after qualification. The PMP certification is internationally recognized and widely accepted by organizations in all verticals of the industry. It can increase your career’s value. Let’s now discuss the basics of PMP certification.
Project Professional Management (PMP), a industry-recognized certification for project managers, is a recognized qualification. PMP demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to manage and lead projects. It is a widely recognized course in project management. The PMBOK-fifth Edition is the most recent version. The certification is valid for three years.
For PMI members, the cost for computer-based Testing (CBT) and PMP certification is $405
Non-PMI members: $555
Re-examination Fee Structure
PMI members: $275
Non-PMI members: $375
Koenig offers live virtual classrooms that can be facilitated by an instructor. The certification lasts for either five or ten days and is for four hours per day.
Your skills and expertise are recognized by global employers and companies around the world.
Develops self-confidence and improves skills.
You will be able to lead, direct, and execute challenging projects.
Enhances team management and workers
A dramatic increase in the salary
Greater job opportunities
The PMP certification will help you secure lucrative jobs in IT, engineering banking, health care and other exciting industries. The PMP certification improves project efficiency and is rewarded with significant pay increases. The PMP exam is difficult for most professionals as it covers a wide variety of subjects. It is crucial to choose a quality training institute. Koenig has created a detailed curriculum that covers security, audit, control, and audit. We offer online learning with business experts as well as immersive training in classrooms and projects. Register now to take the PMP certification and be noticed in this highly competitive industry.

What is the cost of PMP certification?
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