How to configure VPC over ACI

Task 1: Create Interface Policies using CDP enable, LACP Empower, Port Speed 10 G 2: Create Interface Policy Groups and Interface Profiles using Port 1/31 on Both Leaf Configure VPC to allow both ESxi and Leaf to be connected with ACI and Leaf. These steps are required: Step 1 Open Chrome browser and log in […]

How to configure DHCP server switch

Task This task will configure SW1 as a DHCP Server and all four routers as DHCP Clients. Use the following criteria to configure DHCP Server functionality for SW11. Pool NameNetwork AddressSubnet MaskDefault RouterLease Timevlan210.10.10.8/2910.10.10.91-dayvlan310.10.10.32/2910.10.10.331-dayvlan430.30.30.0/2630.30.30.11-dayvlan520.20.20.96/2720.20.20.971-dayExplanation To dynamically obtain their IP addresses via DHCP, configure all FastEthernet interfaces of the routers (connected with the switches shown in […]

How to Configure SSL Offloading with F5 – Step By Step Configuration

Platform: Lab Name: F5 LTM Task Bigip-1 creates a virtual server, vs_Https172.16.100, with destination IP as @ portno. 80, enable the http profile, select the default ssl pool on clinetssl and verify the ssloffloading behavior. Also, enable the server side SSL profile on Bigip-1 as the server ssl is now the virtual server […]

How to Configure Router & Ios

Platform: Lab Name: CCNA RS Task Understanding the Cisco ios naming convention, type of ios, and there feature. Identify the IOS Version and Features of your Cisco device. Explanation The show version command is the most popular way to obtain IOS identification information. This command displays information about the Cisco IOS Version and the […]

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