2018 Ends With One More AWS Exposed Data Error

As if to emphasize the dangers of Amazon cloud data stores misconfigured, 2018, ended with the announcement of a new mishap on New Years Eve.
The Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), cloud platform, has been plagued for the past few years by a series reports about potential data breaches and open data stores. The common thread in all reports is that the private data was not exposed by inherent platform flaws but rather by misconfiguration on the part of users.
Despite all the publicity and industry security experts giving plenty of warnings, it happened again. Abine Inc., which claims to be an online privacy company announced its findings on December 31. This was a data breach that resulted in the loss of customer information from Blur security.
“On Thursday, December 13, 2018, we were made aware that some Blur users’ information had been potentially exposed. We immediately began working to secure our systems and data, to determine what happened and to inform and assist our users,” the company’s new year’s Eve post states. “We also hired a top security firm to help us and have notified law enforcement officers.”
Although there is no evidence that this actually happened, the “potential” exposure to user data puts information such as email addresses, IP addresses, and encrypted passwords at risk.
“Importantly there is no evidence our users’ most crucial data has been exposed and we believe it to be secure,” Abine stated in the post, which also includes guidance on changing passwords.

2018 Ends With One More AWS Exposed Data Error
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