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Four Marketing Strategies for Law Firms in 2021

Let’s get to the point: lawyers aren’t known for being enthusiastic about new technologies. It’s understandable. Communication is the core of the legal profession. Much of our most important work still takes place face-to-face, without being affected by the chaos of the internet. Digital marketing is not about breaking the rules and chasing internet fame. […]

Five Technology and Engineering Trends for 2022

Scientists and engineers are constantly trying to find solutions for humanity’s problems. There are many exciting developments in engineering and tech that are making their way to the public’s attention. The year 2022 has seen the adoption and introduction of many new technologies, including 3D-printed homes, brain-computer interfaces, and efficient alternatives to traditional heating. The […]

Five Amazing Productivity Hacks Every Manager Can Use

Sometimes productivity looks like a system that is running smoothly, optimizing efficiency, eliminating wasted time and resulting in flawlessly executed work days. Sometimes productivity can look like a strange hack that raises suspicion and invites skepticism. Here’s why. There are two types of productivity. One is process-oriented and system-driven. Think David Allen and Getting Things […]

AWS Compliance and Risk – Whitepaper – Certification

AWS Compliance and Risk Whitepaper AWS Risk and Compliance Whitepaper aims to provide information to assist AWS customers in integrating AWS into their existing control framework to support their IT environment. AWS communicates its security and control environment to customers by doing the following: AWS accomplishes this by following the steps: Obtaining industry certifications and […]

AWS Relational Database Service RDS

Relational Database Service – RDS Relational Database Service (RDS), a web service, makes it easier to create, manage, and scale a relational data base in the cloud. RDS offers a cost-effective, resizable capacity to an industry-standard relational data base and handles common database administration tasks like hardware provisioning, patching, patching, and backing up. RDS features […]

AWS Redshift – Certification

AWS Redshift Amazon Redshift is a fully managed data warehouse service that can store petabytes of data. Redshift is an OLAP Data Warehouse solution based upon PostgreSQL. Redshift automatically assists in setting up, operating, and scaling a data warehouse. This includes provisioning the infrastructure capacity Patches and backs up data warehouse, storing backups for a […]

AWS Redshift Best Practices

AWS Redshift Best Practices Designing tables Distribution Style Selection Distribute the fact and one dimension tables on their common columns. A fact table can only have one distribution key. Any tables that connect to another key cannot be collocated with a fact table. Based on the frequency it is joined and how large the joining […]

AWS Redshift Advanced

AWS Redshift Advanced AWS Redshift Advanced Topics include Distribution Styles for Table, Workload Management, and others. Distribution styles The table distribution style is how data is distributed across compute devices. It helps to minimize the impact of redistribution by locating data where it is needed before the query is executed. Redshift supports four distribution methods: […]

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