AWS Security Services – How to protect your cloud workloads?

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Cloud computing is being explored by organizations across all industries to maximize their business resilience and competitiveness. Multi-cloud is becoming more popular due to its cost benefits, flexibility and technology benefits. Organizations that embrace the cloud have been concerned about security. Foundry, a non profit cloud organization, conducted the annual Cloud Computing Survey of 2020. It found that security was a major concern for organizations when adopting cloud computing. IT decision makers prioritized cloud cost management and security expertise. 34% of organizations stated that they lack the skills and expertise needed to secure data in cloud. This is a growing trend. Security will be a key factor during migration. Cloud teams will need to be vigilant about compliance requirements, API vulnerabilities and secure implementation of new services and applications on the cloud. Data backups will also be a key part of the migration process. Cloud teams must have the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure smooth, secure and efficient migration. AWS is a leading cloud service provider that offers a wide range security tools and services to customers. Organizations who want to improve their security posture on cloud must invest in training. This article will explain the importance of cloud security for modern organizations and provide an overview of AWS’ security approach. If you’re interested in learning more about AWS security training opportunities, this article is the best resource.
Cloud Security and Modern Organizations. Many organizations have made significant investments in cloud adoption over the past few years. Organizations continue to see the cloud as a significant game-changer in modern business. Increased cloud adoption and remote work means increased security risks. In recent years, there has been an increase in cybersecurity attacks around the world. Security Intelligence found that C-Suite executives saw a 90% increase of attacks in 2020. 98% of executives also agreed that security problems grew significantly as a result. Cloud migration gives businesses the opportunity to cut costs, improve efficiency, innovate new ways of serving customers and enter new markets. Cloud security professionals must be aware and prepared to face the risks associated with cloud migration. The cloud strategy must be understood by organizations as a cost-benefit analysis.
Security is a key concern for organizations.
Organizations that move their workloads to the cloud increase the risk of being attacked. When operating in the cloud, organizations must implement security control.
When migrating to the cloud, organizations must ensure they have a solid cloud security strategy. The cloud plan must be aligned with the overall business goals. The team must also create a security architecture framework, and implement a continuous security monitoring system after moving to the cloud.
Cloud users will use prohibited applications if the cloud team doesn’t have sufficient visibility of cloud resources. It can lead to cyber-attacks and cloud security governance problems.
To ensure greater protection of cloud resources, organizations must have appropriate Identity and Access Management processes and guidelines.

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AWS provides a cloud computing environment that adapts to the security and compliance needs of businesses. AWS’s data centers, networks, identity and information protection tools, as well as the network, can help organizations maintain complete control over their security and encourage them to create innovative solutions. AWS’s infrastructure uses automation to monitor and layer security controls to protect customer data 24/7. AWS uses a Shared Security Responsibility Model, where the company is responsible to protect the infrastructure and the customer is responsible to secure workloads.

AWS Security Services – How to protect your cloud workloads?
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