AWS Sysops Certification: Your Complete Source for Training

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What is AWS SysOps certification?
Who is a SysOps administrator?
Why choose AWS SysOps Certification
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification
The Exam
What will you learn?
Domains covered
Who should take this Exam
How can I prepare for AWS SysOps certification?
Training Courses
Is the AWS SysOps certification worth it?
Amazon Web Services (AWS), the global leader in cloud computing, offers the most comprehensive services. It is also the most popular platform and fastest-growing public cloud service.
Learning AWS for IT specialists is a great way to improve your career and get high-paying IT positions.
AWS offers a variety of certifications and training courses that will help you to validate and develop your cloud computing skills. They offer three certifications at the associate level:
SysOps Administrator

Solutions Architect


What is AWS SysOps certification?
The AWS SysOps certification, which is the most difficult of all associate-level certifications, is the most difficult. It covers all aspects of AWS services, including monitoring, troubleshooting and management. This certification is easier for those who work regularly on AWS services, but it can be difficult if you don’t have hands-on experience.
Who is a SysOps administrator?
SysOps administrators manage existing cloud infrastructures. They are also known as a junior DevOps Engineer, cloud support engineer, and SysOps administrator. They are the front line of your organization’s cloud services and support.
Operation is their main responsibility.
Monitoring and maintaining the cloud infrastructure

Debugging issues

Remote server automation scripts

Performance improvement of infrastructure

Using cost-optimization techniques

Patching servers with the latest updates

Why choose AWS SysOps Certification
The AWS SysOps certification has many benefits
You will be a certified AWS professional

It is the easiest way to join the AWS community

It increases the visibility of your resume

Your professional network will grow, offering better opportunities

You will be eligible for the Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Your salary will increase

Freelancers can get better projects

AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification
The AWS SysOps administrator – Associate certification is a technical exam. It is the first AWS certification exam that allows applicants demonstrate their skills through labs. This certification validates your ability to manage, deploy, and operate workloads on AWS.
The Exam
It is an associate-level exam, which is divided into two sections. Section 1 contains multiple-choice and multiple response questions. Section 2 contains exam labs. The exam can be taken in English, Japanese or Korean.
The exam will take you 180 minutes. You cannot change or review your answers after you have moved to the exam labs.
You can pass any section without being penalized, and you don’t need to pass the entire exam until you get the overall score. To pass the exam, you must score 70-75%. It is possible to take it multiple times. You will need to wait 14 days before you retake the exam.
Cost: US$ 150 to take the certification exam, and US$ 20 to take the practice exam.
What will you learn?
This certification will teach you how to:
Manage, deploy, manage, and operate AWS infrastructure systems

AWS allows you to control data flows

Identify and implement the best operational AWS practices

Based on the data, computation, and security requirements of the organization, choose the best AWS service

Optimize your costs

Migration of workloads from on-premises to AWS

Domains covered
The AWS SysOps certification covers seven domains
Monitoring and reporting

High Availability

Provisioning and deployment

Data and Storage Management

Security and Compliance


Automation and Optimization

Who should take this exam?
This certification exam is for IT professionals who are interested in high-level technical work such as developing, managing or maintaining systems. These professionals include:
Cloud operations system administrators are required to perform these roles.

Cloud professionals

Software developers

System engineers

DevOps engineers

AWS SysOps certification is the most popular for DevOps cloud roles. This certification will give you practical knowledge that will help you develop vital DevOps skills such as:
Configuring Linux or Windows servers

Cloud networking


Automation and management

The AWS SysOps Associate certification does not require you to meet any criteria. It is recommended that you:
One year of experience in AWS technology management, deployment, networking, security and management


AWS Sysops Certification: Your Complete Source for Training
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