AWS: The Ultimate Cloud Solution Guide

“Cloud is now what I call the new normal.” It’s no more an experiment, it is no longer an afterthought.” – Vincent Quah
Cloud computing is transforming the IT sector. This has led to a sharp rise in cloud migration requests. AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is one of the most popular cloud service providers, with a staggering 35% market share. According to the most recent CNBC report, AWS generated $10 billion in revenue for the first quarter 2020.
Our AWS ebook was created for IT decision-makers and business entrepreneurs who want to improve their AWS skills. This ebook provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of moving your business into the Amazon cloud, as well as the benefits for business of training employees in cloud skills and the roadmap to AWS cloud certification.

This e-book provides insight on:
Cloud migration offers business benefits
What AWS does for organizations, large and small, in terms profit?
AWS offers benefits to upskill your workforce
Roadmap to AWS cloud certifications

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AWS: The Ultimate Cloud Solution Guide
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