Bsquare teams up with AWS to provide business-driven IoT service

Bsquare Corp., which targets industrial and business customers, announced that it was partnering with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), to offer a cloud-based Internet of Things service.
Bsquare will bring its DataV IoT software to the AWS IoT managed clouds platform.
Bellevue’s company, which is a member of AWS Partner Network (APN), stated that its solution offers real-world business value to IoT applications. IoT is still a new industry. It is constantly evolving and improving past test scenarios and proof-of-concepts. The company states that IoT is a science experiment unless it is tailored to meet business objectives.
Marco Argenti, AWS executive, said that Bsquare’s device level software solutions, combined with its cloud-level offerings augment the AWS managed services. He stated that AWS IoT allows customers to connect their devices to the AWS Cloud at large scale, take action with the data they collect and create new classes of applications that interact the physical world.
Bsquare stated yesterday that DataV allows organizations to connect multiple devices, monitor data flows and take corrective action when problems are discovered. This helps optimize business-critical assets, processes and processes. It can be used with hybrid infrastructures, cloud systems, and on-premises installations.
Mark Whiteside, a Bsquare executive, stated that “Deploying DataV in the AWS Cloud allows Bsquareto rapidly implement IoT solution that help our customers address their critical business needs.” Bsquare can use AWS IoT to connect edge devices and move data between them and the AWS Cloud. Our customers can also use the AWS infrastructure to create long-term, flexible solutions due to its scalability and security.

Bsquare teams up with AWS to provide business-driven IoT service
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